WarGames Illustrated - numero 409

WarGames Illustrated - numero 409

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I hope the festive season brought you (more than) your fair share of gaming goodies, and that you are heading into 2022 with a renewed hobby vigour which will see your paintbrush whizz through those undercoated minis at the back of your workbench and have you heading off to a nearby tabletop where you will sweep all before you with an impressive flick of the wrist resulting in a hat-trick of double sixes.

In this issue of the magazine, we would like to take you around the world, in two different ‘directions’. We have a couple of articles that look at hobby activities in different countries across the globe, followed by three articles that take our theme on a different trajectory, with a look at wargame-able conflicts in some more unusual locations around the world and throughout history. Prepare to broaden your horizons by beginning this exciting journey on page 30 with Global Wargaming.

Closer to home, the much delayed Salute 2020 finally took place in November 2021 and despite several of the regular traders and punters not attending this time around, Team Wi was there to bring you the best the show had to offer, both in this magazine and via our YouTube channel.

Happy New Year!
Dan Faulconbridge
Owner and Editor